HTC Diamond Touch Mobile Phone

HTC diamond.jpg After a long wait, HTC has finally managed to deliver a replica to the famous IPhone from Apple. And it’s not a bad phone actually, believe me, since I changed it from an relatively older Blackberry 8100.

In fact HTC diamond is actually a nice replica to IPhone. First of all, it is smaller – in fact it actually looks like a phone which you can carry with you all day around. Let’s face it, all those multifunctional bricks, from Google Android to the huge Blackberries 8800, do nothing more than this nice little phone. And if you are a busy person, hanging around all day long with a phone in your pocket and with the rare need to check what’s new on the internet, than you barely need the big phones from Nokia, Apple or Blackberry.

This is not to say that HTC Diamond is net superior to other smart phones. As we said previously on, any phone has its drawbacks. For example, accessing the list of contacts can be cumbersome, especially when you are in a hurry, but who cares? And accessing the internet via wi-fi is a little bit lengthy, although it does a very nice job in the end (when you manage to put your Opera browser online – yes, you can choose between Internet Explorer and Opera on this nice piece of technology).

And the design… oh, the design … only this might be enough to push you to buy a Diamond phone. The back is made of various shapes, which makes it stand out compared to any other mobile phone. The front screen is small but incredibly clear, and the menus of the operating system (finally a mobile phone for the poor Windows users – it has Windows mobile on it) are organised very well. One push on the home button and you can access your favourite programs, the RSS hub, the weather for up to five cities (forecast for 5 days, oh yes) and even a 3,5 mp camera which does a pretty nice job…on the daylight (does not have a blitz).

So what can I say…it is a smart phone wich has most of the facilities the smart phones have (including a 4 GB internal memory card and a GPS antenna inside), without most of their drawbacks. It is not heavy, looks cute, is infinitely customizable and has some very nice features which might make you fall in love with it. Did I mention that it vibrates shortly when the call connects? No? Well, I’ll let you discover some other nice stuff on this cute HTC diamond phone. Enjoy!

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