IPod Touch 2008 Review

If you did not own until recently an mp3 player, than it is time to give in to the temptation. I have a close relative (working as a programmer) who said that the old IPod was just a fad and that it is going…well to fad away quickly. This was three years ago. Now he is the proud owner of an IPod touch of 32 Gb, which I am going to review in here.IPod touch overview-interface.jpg

The new IPod touch technology is very similar to the famous IPhone interface. Despite the advantages of the IPhone (basically the possibility to have all-in-one phone conversations, an mp3 player and a web browser, I think that it is still useful to have a phone which works alone and an IPod. The reason is simple – you will not want interruptions whilst you are watching your videos, listening your music or browsing on the web. And all the stuff which is technologically complicated is prone to errors…I see no reason why Apple could escape this Murphy rule.

The tactile interface of the IPod touch is its greatest addition. It works relatively fine, allowing you to physically move your fingers through the applications. However, it is still at the beginning and your moves have to be quite wide to obtain some visible effects. It is true that on the small surface of the IPod touch it is difficult to make delicate moves and yet keep the control, but I guess the sensitivity could (and will) be improved in the future.IPod touch overview-wifi.jpg

The other great characteristic is the 3.5 inches screen. On this IPod touch screen you can watch basically any movie and, in comparison with the screen of the IPod classic, you won’t need to buy glasses to see the writing. It is a wide screen, the resolution seems small (320×480 pixels) but it does its job. And the IPod touch screen has been built with bright colors, very similar to the technology which made the Samsung LCD TV’s famous.

At last but not at least the IPod Touch comes with internet accessibility via wifi. Actually I was wondering when somebody will come with this idea – there are so many hot spots nowadays that it looks kind of clumsy to carry around your laptop and open it in strange places just to see some news or to read your emails. Well, IPod touch does not only come with the Apple Safari browser built in, but also with a full integration with the famous Google services youtube and gmail. These services on your pocket are really fun and they work pretty well… Obviously, they come also with the downs of all the free internet services – you might need to watch some advertising before the actual show, but hey, it’s the same if you do it at home, right?

Some down points are linked to the fact that the box comes pretty thin in accessories – some people would really like to charge their IPods also on a socket. Apple of course sells normal accessories at premium prices, which means that you’ll have to spend some extra bucks for a decent IPod charger or some good earphones. The battery is also not replaceable yet, so in 3-5 years you’ll have again to spend some money on refurbishment, which is kind of a pain in the back it you think about it. Why would any sane person make a backup of the IPod touch content, erase it, send it to an Apple refurbishment center and wait a couple of weeks to get it back with a new battery? And all this for more than 100 bucks? Jeez..

All in all, the new IPod touch can even convince a puritan monk that it’s worth giving it a shot. It is still the first version of this nice gadget, which means that it is probably overpriced (3-500 USD in the US, without taxes) and a little bit bulky. My only hope is that it is at least as resistant as my old IPod (classic) which met the concrete several times without obvious damages… but looking at this nice new toy I’d rather advise you to be careful with the shocks and all the stuff (although they say it does not have a hard-disk inside, as the old IPod does, which should make it more resistant). So, until the next version, which will come up probably at 9 months (somewhere in August, as Apple uses to do) of the new IPod touch, you’d have to buy this one or wait. Your choice!

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