Laptops – Lenovo / IBM Thinkapd T60

It is a part of any blogger’s life and it can go with you wherever you travel. If you don’t have one, you dream about it quite often. And it keeps you portable and online through the wi-fi spots which seem to spring everywhere these days.Yes, it is the laptop. And as most of the bloggers, I have one. And this gadget review is about my beloved laptop, which is an Lenovo Thinkpad T60 (generation 2007 I think).Thinkpad T60.jpgWhat really makes the Lenovo Thinkpad so special, besides its belonging to the exclusivist ex-IBM club, it’s the design. The T60 is perfectly balanced – it looks like THE LAPTOP, not just like any other gadget. It is black, relatively lightweight, has all the notification hardware icons you need and does its job. All the laptops I previously owned crashed after 6-12 months from purchase. Luck or not, good maintenance or just the chance, this one did not crash. And continues to work as fast as in the first days after I purchased it.The Lenovo Thinkpad T60 has a slick design, with a very sober appearance. And the screen is a small one, not perfectly suitable for the multimedia fanatics. But those guys/girls prefer to carry around much more kilos in the form of a wide screen laptop which gives them the perfect quality picture. I travel a lot, so these kilos are just dead weight for me, so the Lenovo Thinkpads make perfect sense for business – and they were design keeping in mind exactly that.The hardware characteristics are normal for a laptop of its class: 1 GB RAM, 40 GB SATA hard disk, one Intel Core Duo processor at 1.83GHZ. It comes without a DVD writer, which might outrage the multimedia fanatics again, but if you think a little bit why would you need one on a corporate laptop provided for work? And why would you need a burner if you have 4 USB’s second generation, this is a mystery for me, especially since the 8 GB memory sticks are becoming the norm…And this laptop works very well with Windows XP and the Microsoft Office. Actually, one can say that the most important characteristic of Lenovo / IBM ThinkPad T60 is its wonderful integration between hardware and software. The wi-fi button, located on the writing side of the laptop, coupled with the nice IBM software, makes finding hot spots and connecting to the internet a child’s play. After all, this is what I was after for when I received such a laptop – portable power, connectivity, nor surprises for my hardly performed work. And as the site mentioned, this is a productivity laptop, not another toy…Therefore, if you are also looking for great value for you hard-worked money, you can choose one. The other laptop producers will spend some years to come to the same perfection of the plastic as the Thinkpad. Until then, hasta la vista and good use of your IBM!

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