The iPhone = The Gadget (Part 1)


Some recent research shows that in the US the iPhone from Apple, the famous telephone + Ipod + internet browser (all in one) has reached a market share of over 20%, a solid number 2. Apple’s iPhone is therefore in two years from its launch a phenomenon, surclassed only by the phones produced by Research in Motion (the famous handhelds called Blackberry).

But what is the source of iPhone’s phenomenal success? Well, first of all is the magic of the Apple name. The iPod has transformed the i into a brand name, allowing Apple to easily put on the market whatever they had in mind. Of course, the magic of the Apple name is just a consequence of some other characteristics of its gadgets.

The iPhone is a premiere for more innovations. First of all, the iPhone is the first phone with the touch screen. Apparently this makes navigation among menus and names more difficult. However, due to the Apple design of the tactile interface of the iPhone, it is actually surprisingly simple to use the one-touch keyboard.

The second innovation is combining in one phone most of the functions somebody could wish from one such gadget. iPhone has a camera (only 1,3 pixels, but it has a camera). iPhone is in the same time an iPod and a browser, and the Safari internet software works marvelously. You can watch youtube videos on your iPhone, you can check your email or you can listen to your favourite music from ITunes in one place. All the phones I previously owned had limited functionalities – actually the mobile phone producers are deliberately limiting the phones’ characteristics. Producers such as Nokia, Samsung or Motorola are segmenting the mobile phones markets based on the dominant characteristics that are mostly desirable by the consumers – you will be never able to buy a phone which has them all.

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