The iPhone = The Gadget (Part 2)

One more innovation comes from the high quality of the screen. The accuracy is so high that practically you can watch any movie you like, on a dvd format, on your iPhone. This comes from the 450 MHz processor and the 128 RAM memory that the iPhone has inside. This handheld hardware (mounted on iPhone) makes it the most powerful microcomputer on which you can have conversations with somebody else. Some experts say that iPhone is only at the beginning as applications, since it started only recently to give freedom to third party developers to release software for it. Even with the limited amount of applications released today by Apple, the iPhone has still some wonderful functionalities.

(A good example is that Electronic Arts has announced that it will start to produce games for the iPhone soon.)

At last, but not at least, iPhone has the same appeal of any luxury good that comes in limited supply – it is exclusivistic. Not anyone can have and iPhone outside US, since it is not yet delivered for any other mobile phone operator (some deals are just coming through). As any limited offer gadget, iPhone commands desirability and high prices on the alternative markets. For example, recently one of my friends tried to buy an iPhone from the Apple flagship store from the 5th Avenue in New York. He did not find any at the official price of 500 USD for the 16 GB one, instead all the small electronic shops around the Apple store had iPhones on stock (for sensibly higher prices, of course). I think Apple is encouraging implicitly this kind of limited distribution, in order to keep its profits constant and the demand high, since there’s not yet any serious competition for the iPhone…

If you are not convinced yet by the iPhone’s appeal, just wait for a while. It will come…


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