H.R. Giger in Viena (Iulie 2006) – 33

Giger Viena008.jpg This famous alien design is quite recent, dating from the 2000′s. The long and spiny tail has no obvious functional role but makes the statue more threatening and much more realistic. Seen from a close distance, this statue seems extremely realistic, although Giger preferred to make it from metal. The Giger alien has no visible lungs but very obvious bones, which make it resemble with an exponate from a natural history museum. Only that the alien it is not a dinosaur, but a threatening future animal…

H.R. Giger in Viena (Iulie 2006) – 26 – possesed Giger Cat

Giger Viena006.jpg Giger has the gift to put side by side the most tender images and the most horrifying ones. In this evil cat picture, Giger has described again its favourite posession theme, whereby the innocent pussy cat is brought to exasperation by the evil spider-women, who pumps strange substances in its slave. Corruption of the good by the omnipresent evil is the underlying theme here, and HR Giger looks at it and at the infinite connections between the two sides of the same coin. The large pipes, who hide what is flowing beneath, are another favourite theme of Giger.