Poteca gradina botanica iarna Iasi, o fotografie

Nothing compares with the felling of loneliness in a botanical garden early morning, in the middle of a foggy winter, as this picture shows. One more photo from the wonderful botanical garden of Iasi.

Zurich Altstadt (Old City) Downtown (Switzerland)

Switzerland can be lovely even in the late autumn evenings, as you can see in this picture. The Zurich Altstadt looks like a little jewel, full of medieval architecture at small scale. Everything is perfectly preserved. Zurich downtown looks probably not very different from the Switzerland centuries ago…

Zurich Airport, Main Lounge (Switzerland)

Zurich is the home of one of the most famous design centers in the world, and the stily of this airport lounge shows it. The Zurich lounge is made in the shape of a plane cockpit. The huge glas windows reveal the beuaty of the nearby Swiss mountains, as well as the elegance of the planes landing or taking off…